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When To Let Go

If you have been following Facebook’s rise to fame or are a fan of The Social Network movie, you have heard of the Winklevoss twins. If you haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, basically the twins claim to have come up with the idea for Facebook. They sued, and in 2008 received a $65 million dollar settlement. The case was closed, or so it seemed, until the twins decided they were taken advantage of in the settlement and tried to sue again.

Obviously, the “Winklevii” have allowed this perceived injustice to dominate their lives. Consider the amount of energy and money it takes to litigate something for seven years! It consumes and begins to define you. Thankfully, the legal saga may have ended today based off a judgement from the U.S. Court of Appeals. I hope for the benefit of the Winklevoss twins they can finally let things go and move on to more productive pursuits.

What does this story have to do with home business? What I have taken from this sordid tale is that it is never good to fuel motivation with revenge. If an employee does you wrong, quickly deal with the situation and let it go. If a competitor decides to try and bait you with a mud slinging campaign, don’t get suckered into that game. If your business has a valid reason to sue for wrong doing — seriously consider the monetary and emotional costs before proceeding. Pick your battles carefully because both sides end up with casualties.

Do you think the Winklvoss twins had a valid reason to continue pursuing legal action against Facebook?


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