What Makes Great Customer Service? «

What Makes Great Customer Service?

Customer service is the key to turning a prospective buyer into a customer. Often, people think that the buying choice is made via price, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When you provide exceptional customer service a customer is willing to pay more for that service.

Take for example BMW, the BMW vehicle is an amazing car and let me put a disclaimer here – yes I own one. Now, with the disclaimer out there let me explain to you why I bought a BMW. It is true I went and test drove the car because of the amazing reviews, but I purchased the car because of the service. When I go to my local BMW dealership to have service done, I pull the car into the service garage, they take the key and I am escorted into the service area where I am greeted promptly. Everyone in that dealership smile and says hello. They always take care of me and my car and they never return my car back to me dirty.

I could have purchased a car that was a lot less expensive than a BMW, but I bought the BMW experience and this is my second one and I have no regrets.

That’s just one example of how great customer service can sell a consumer on your product or service and make the price a secondary thought rather than the primary.

How is your customer service? Are you creating loyal customers or pushing them into the arms of your competitor?

Learn what makes great customer service and start turning those prospects into customers today.


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