Using Language To Win In Real Estate Investing «

Using Language To Win In Real Estate Investing

Imagine you’re a guy who wants to go out and win over that girl you really like. Has it ever seemed like to you that all the “jerks” get all the girls and the nice guys finish last? Do you know why it seems that way? Because it is that way! When you’re trying to persuade someone else into your way of thinking, it’s important to understand that people are more influenced by subconscious persuasions. The jerks may not understand that they’re using this power but it’s exactly how it works.

Conscious vs Subconscious Persuasion

Have you ever wondered why beer commercials always have attractive women in their commercials? It works on the simple principle that you already have a natural “like” of attractive women. While you’re feeling that emotion of liking women, you’re simultaneously being bombarded with the image of their beer. In a sense, their aim is to transfer your desire for attractive women into a desire of their beer through imagery. If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you’ve probably noticed that you get hungry. No one ever tells you to get hungry, it just occurs on a subconscious level.

Imagine instead if they said to you “drink beer and you’ll get hot women.” You’d find the argument ridiculous just by looking at all the out of shape dudes who drink beer and don’t get any women. Here’s the big secret though, subconscious persuasions bypass your ability to analyze their validity. They just work. You get hungry from the cooking show and if you go to a bar, you probably drink beer. It’s just the way it is.

Winning With Words

So what do the jerks know? Well the jerks may not be aware but they know that you don’t appeal to women with a conscious argument like being a “nice” guy. You win by developing and using that gut-level subconscious primal level of attraction in people that bypasses their reasoning. That’s why many of the things that work may seem “illogical” and the simple reason is that they are illogical! They are things that don’t use conscious analysis and therefore, they actually rarely make sense.

So How Does This Relate to Real Estate Investing?

The secret power that most jerks use is confidence and assumptive attitude. The same principle is true in real estate investing. If you try to deal with sellers by making them “like you”, you’ll end up like the hoards of lonely nice guys in the world. In fact, most “nice guys” don’t feel good enough for the woman they’re trying to attract and that is reflected in their way of being one way or another. If you don’t think you’re good enough for your deal, how will your seller or how will your investor be persuaded? If you think that you must “be nice” to make them like you, you’re already acting as if they don’t now already like you.

Harness the Subconscious Persuasion

I learned the hard way by having many lease-options flop that my language was lacking. I used to say to an interested tenant-buyer something like “so what do you think of the house?” They’d say, “it’s nice, let me think about it for a few days.” It seemed it just never closed for me. My persuasion was meant for them to like me with a conscious persuasion. Do you what I changed it to? “It’s a nice place, right? Your furniture fits in here too, right? Great! When do you want to move in?”

There are a few things at work there. Firstly, my nature is that I’m assuming they already want the property. In a sense, my subconscious persuasion is that “it’s obvious you should want this place” and so the tenant-buyer will act accordingly. I also subconsciously project the idea of them already owning it. My subconscious persuasion is that “picture your furniture in here now because you’re going to want to move in.”

I understand that it may be incredibly counter-intuitive but understand this, it works. If you want your deals to close more often, there’s a simple 3 step formula you can use.

1. Don’t ask questions. State the situation as you’d like it to be and then ask an assumptive question as the end.

For example:
Don’t ask “so what do you think?” Instead, say something to the effect of “so you’ll be ready to move in on the first then. Is that fair?

2. Use the magic words of “is that fair” or “is that alright” at the end of your statements.

3. In the cases that they reject your assumptive close and want to “think about it,” leave your contact information and move on. Rarely do people do any thinking about it after you leave.

These techniques may be both subtle and counter-intuitive but they will revolutionize your business. You’ll take your income to the next level by focusing on mastering these strange illogical tools of persuasion.


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