Trading Ice Cream «

Trading Ice Cream

Continuing the series of market profiles for some of the less well known commodities markets (e.g. Cocoa and Coffee), the following is the market profile for the ice cream futures market.

Ice Cream Market Profile

The IC futures market is based upon the price of one thousand litres of vanilla ice cream, and is traded at the Dairy Trading Exchange in the US. The IC futures market is traded on the MilkTrade electronic trading system from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time. The IC futures market has a daily price range of approximately 200 points.

Contract Specifications
The contract specifications for the IC futures market are as follows :

•Symbol: IC
•Expiration date (as of April 2011): April 30th 2011 (the last day of each month)
•Exchange : MilkTrade
•Currency : USD
•Multiplier / Contract value : $1,000 ($1 per litre)
•Tick size / Minimum price change : 1.0
•Tick value / Minimum price value : $1,000
In 2011, the IC futures market is open for trading every trading day (Monday to Friday), except for the following holidays, when the market is either closed, or the opening and closing times are modified :

•January 1st
•April 1st
•December 24th to 26th
•December 31st
Further Information
Additional information regarding the IC futures market (e.g. current prices, daily volume, historical performance, etc.) is … not available, because there is no such market, and this entire market profile is fake.


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