The Twitter Impact – Happy Birthday! «

The Twitter Impact – Happy Birthday!

As I was cleaning up tractor wrapping paper and mashed in chocolate cake crumbs from my son’s fourth birthday party this week, I remembered that someone else was celebrating a birthday too. Twitter turned five on March 21, 2011. Happy Birthday Twitter!

For many diehard fans, it seems impossible to comprehend that it has only been five years since this tool emerged. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were hard at work actually talking to one another? Now that information is arriving at warp speed, who has time to wait for a phone call or face-to-face meeting?

Regardless of how “Twitterpated” you are, it is nearly impossible to ignore the impact that Twitter has had on our society. Here are some of my top picks:

1.Warp Speed Communication: Opinion leaders with huge Twitter followings (i.e. Oprah or well-known bloggers) can share a short thought or suggestion and it is passed on and on like wild fire. A viral marketing dream and a rumor mill nightmare.
2.A Small Business Tool: If you want to develop a strong brand following, start striking up Twitter conversations with your target market or even better, your consumers. There is a whole science to following Twitter conversations and being able to comment directly to your potential consumer. If you aren’t using this for your business yet, it is time to take a quick crash course on social media marketing because you are going to get left behind. It is imperative that you don’t ignore the social media communication channel any longer.
3.Voyeurism Plain and Simple: All I am going to say about this is please start following Charlie Sheen on Twitter. It is amazing what celebrities will say or write these days (where are their PR people?). If you like to people watch and are looking for raw and uncut commentary and fodder, go follow one of your favorite stars…or even your next door neighbor for that matter!
4.Contributing to Our Society’s Lack of Interpersonal Skills: It is becoming all too easy to disassociate ourselves from our communication. Often we click before we think about who is receiving our information on the other end. This can have disastrous consequences on both personal and business relationships. So let’s all be responsible clickers.


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