The Power Of Words – Especially When They’re Blatantly Ripped off! «

The Power Of Words – Especially When They’re Blatantly Ripped off!

This bugs me. It really bugs me.
I was sent a video recently that indicated “The Power of Words” in advertising.

Image courtesy of YouTube

As a copywriter, how could I not click on the link and watch it. “Interesting start” I thought, “although reminiscent of a video I’ve seen before.” Still, I kept watching.

And as I did, my face got red and my knuckles white. Not only was it reminiscent of the 2008 Cannes Festival Short Story Winner “Historia De Un Letrero,” it was a complete rip-off. I mean frame for frame.

Image courtesy of YouTube

I looked again at the rip-off video posted by Purplefeather and saw a note that read:

“This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. At Purplefeather we provide powerful, optimised web content to get you noticed online. Homage to Historia de un letrero, The Story of a Sign by Alonso Alvarez Barreda. Music by: Giles Lamb. Filmed by Director Seth Gardner.”

Oh, I see. Purplefeather are experts at powerful, optimized web content that gets you noticed. And to prove it, they remade a video by a Cannes Festival Winner and put a tiny credit to them at the bottom.

This is not acceptable. It’s unprofessional. And it proves only one thing to me – that Purplefeather don’t know how to create original content, they only know how to recognize it. That’s a huge difference.

Purplefeather should take this down as a mark of respect to the original. If you want to prove how good you are creatively or philosophically, go ahead. Put your heads together and think of powerful content that isn’t blatantly ripped off someone else’s ideas.

It’s not an homage if it’s shot frame for frame by the way. It’s stealing. An homage is “respect or reverence paid or rendered.” This is a copy or reproduction.

What a shame. And the fact that Purplefeather is getting web traffic from this, and space in this post, is an even bigger shame. But at least now you know the source of the video. The original is touching, moving, and a worthy winner. The fake, it’s sullied by the fact that it was used to make a few bucks (or pounds in this case) from new biz.


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