The Best and Worst Ways to Learn Trading «

The Best and Worst Ways to Learn Trading

There are several different ways of learning trading. Some methods are relatively cheap, while others are seemingly expensive. Some methods are convenient and flexible, while others require a significant commitment of time. Beginning traders often choose a method of trading instruction based upon the wrong criteria, and in doing do they may be choosing an ineffective method, or even worse, a method that will do more harm to their trading than good.

Methods of Trading Instruction
The following methods of trading instruction are the most popular ways of learning trading. Each method is discussed in detail, along with its advantages and disadvantages, and whom it is most suitable for.

•Trading Books – Learning trading via trading books is possibly the most popular method of trading instruction, but is it an effective method, or a cheap and inefficient diversion?
•Trading Seminars – Trading seminars can be on of the most expensive methods of trading instruction, but are they worth the cost, or are they an expensive way of meeting other beginning traders?
•Online Courses – Online trading courses are one of the most convenient ways of learning trading, but are they also an efficient method of trading instruction?
•Trading Instruction and Mentoring – Individual trading instruction and mentoring can be one of the most expensive ways of learning trading, but is it also the most likely to result in a successful trading career?

Trading Without Learning Trading
There is an alternative method of becoming a successful trader, that does not require any trading instruction at all (except perhaps the basics of trading). Professional analysis and trading services are designed to allow less experienced traders to benefit from the analysis and trading suggestions of a professional trader. Professional trading services also include money management where non traders (i.e. investors) have their money professionally traded for them.

•Professional Analysis and Trading Services – Analysis and trading services such as daily market analysis, live trading suggestions, and professional trading (where your money is traded for you) are an alternative to learning trading.


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