The Benefits of Real Estate Investing «

The Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Unless an investor chooses to fill this role, however there is no reason why he or she would need to be bothered with such details. The fact is; real estate is one of, if not the safest investment vehicle around. There are a number of benefits related to investing in real estate.

Tax Shelter and Deductible Benefits

Some of the first benefits anyone considering investing in real estate should consider are the enormous tax shelter and deduction advantages. Of course, any interest paid on mortgages financed for the purpose of investing is tax deductible; however if an investor elects to use certain
vehicles, like a Roth IRA to handle their real estate investments, the profits they earn can be entirely tax deductible.


There is a tremendous opportunity to reap significant profit from real estate investing. The number of safe, affordable housing options for today’s families is decreasing while the number of deteriorating properties is on the rise. What this means for investors is that there is a definite market to be able to purchase properties at low prices, fix them up and then either rent them out or sell them. Even at a conservative estimate, a real estate investor could stand to bring in a 30 or 40% profit.

Portfolio Diversity

In this day and age there are a number of investment options and opportunities. Obviously, stocks are one of the biggest options. While there is room to make some hefty profits by investing in Wall St., there is also room to suffer tremendous losses. Investing in real estate does not mean you have to forego other investment options.

It does mean that by diversifying your portfolio, you secure some of your heard earned money. While the future of stocks is unsure at best, the future of real estate is clear skies ahead. Real estate investing has always traditionally performed well and is the securest investment option available.

Continuous Income

Real estate investing can be a great source for continual income; which is great for many people, including those who are retired and need some supplemental income. If an investor chooses, rather than rehab a property and immediately resell it; they can rent out the property.

This can even be handled using a property manager so that the actual owner/investor never even has to change a light bulb. The only interaction they need to have with the property is depositing the rent checks.


Regardless of what type of property you invest in, if you do nothing more than mow the grass or hire someone to do it, that property is going to increase in value. Why?

Because real estate traditionally appreciates at a rate of about 9% per year. It’s a simple part of supply and demand. As Mark Twain once said, “Buy land. They’ve stopped making

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