Supplemental Health Insurance: Changing Workplace Changing World «

Supplemental Health Insurance: Changing Workplace Changing World

Work-related stress is on the rise and according to Statistics Canada, the repercussions are numerous. Increasingly, individuals are finding that their job demands more of them- more hours, more flexibility, and more qualifications. The end result of such demands is more stress, and people are having a hard time coping with it.
Many individuals respond to workplace stress by working more. Attaining a sense of security in your job or receiving the praise that you deserve often requires that you exert more energy in order to differentiate yourself from the rest. Consequently, longer hours at work leaves less time for family and social responsibilities, thus adding to the list of stressful factors. For some, it may begin to feel like a vicious cycle that they are powerless to stop.

Enduring the difficulties of workplace stress can be more destructive than we may think. According to Statistics Canada, people suffering from high stress tend to develop chronic conditions such as arthritis and back problems. People’s minds and bodies do have a breaking point. As a result, thousands of Canadian workers are seeking help from specialized doctors and other non-conventional medical practitioners whose fees can become a financial burden.

Provincial health plans vary according to one’s province of residence, and not all plans are equal when it comes to coverage. Spending time talking to a trained psychologist can be beneficial, but can cost $120 and up for one 45-minute session. Unfortunately, regardless of the emotional benefit, a psychologist’s services are not covered by the Canadian government health plan. Many Canadians are avoiding these costs and easing their level of stress by purchasing supplemental health insurance to cover these extra services. Psychiatrists, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, Osteopath, Naturopath, Chiropractors, podiatrist and other types of therapists all have coverage in many supplemental health insurance plans.

Plans vary and can be customized to fit individual needs. For example, the extended health care benefits of Flexcare would include coverage for the fees of a psychologist or an approved social worker. The benefits would cover an $80 maximum for your first visit and a $65 maximum for subsequent visits, with a limit of 10 visits per anniversary year.

An unhealthy work environment, competition and extraordinary long hours at work are worrisome factors that rarely go away on their own. In order to alleviate workplace stress, some people will consult a naturopath or visit a massage therapist whose costly charges can be covered by supplemental health insurance. The purchase of supplemental health insurance provides individuals with a variety of options, a sense of ease and a decrease in overall stress.


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