Social Media Marketing – Is There a Line Between Personal and Professional? «

Social Media Marketing – Is There a Line Between Personal and Professional?

I’m a big proponent of social media marketing and I believe it will continue to play a large role in marketing as we continue move through the next decade. However, with that being said I also know that companies fear social media in general.

They fear handing over their brand to their consumers as well as how employees will use social media and how it will affect their brand both directly and indirectly. This is a warranted fear as we’ve seen in the past year. I can certainly understand where they are coming from and I would like know your opinion since it’s something I’ve been debating for a while now.

Has the line between professionalism and personal been blurred when it comes to social media? While I agree that transparency and authenticity is important in the success of social media marketing at what point can that transparency and authenticity hurt a business? I’m not just talking about large corporate businesses here, but I’m also talking about entrepreneurs.

What are your thoughts? Can being too personal harm your business or marketing efforts? Should there be guidelines and if so how should they be defined so that they protect the brand represented without losing personality?


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