SMX West Takeaway: Formula for Search Marketing Success «

SMX West Takeaway: Formula for Search Marketing Success

A week of great information at SMX West regarding search engine marketing. Now, I’m here to share with you what I walked away with.

The SMX conference is fantastic for not only the person looking for a general overview of search engine optimization, but there is plenty of content for the more advanced search engine marketer. The format of the conference far outweighs many that I have been to, most sessions are made up of a panel to present for a short period of time and then a discussion of questions submitted by the audience. This is a great approach considering that search engine optimization is not a clear science and many opinions differ, you just have to find the solution that works for you and this is done by testing the information that you walk away with.

Overall hot topics included:

•Google Panda Update (Also known as the Google Farmer Update)
•Search Engine Spam
•Listening to Corroborating Signals
•Social Signals and its Effect on Search
The message was clear, content is still key – but not multiple pages of mediocre content, but rather pages of in-depth quality content. It’s clear that social media plays a part in search, but what’s still unclear is how much of a role it plays and what the impact is on search engine results.

Corroborating signals will be important in the future, it’s not about page-by-page rank, but rather the speculation regarding the future of search will rely on human engagement and the opinions that are made about websites. I agree with this speculation, especially considering the latest roll-out that Google announced today allowing users to block your site from their search results.

If you want to succeed and be found in search become the authority on the web for a topic. Build the best resource that consumers can find and you won’t have to chase the algorithms of search engines, rather they will be happy to present you to their customers – the searcher.

This is the formula I took away for search engine marketing success:

(Content + Social Marketing + Usability) + Awareness of Corroborating Signals = Search Engine Marketing Success

Not to simplify the last three days, but to me the above message echoed through each session and it was the one thing that search engine marketers and even representatives from the major search engines agreed on. If you want to read more about the conference, you can find complete recaps that were done live here:


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