Readers Respond: What’s Your “Working with Family/Friends” Horror Story? «

Readers Respond: What’s Your “Working with Family/Friends” Horror Story?

Most business owners have at one time tried hiring a friend or family member. Or maybe you are the friend or family member of a business owner. What happened? How did it work? What went wrong? Did you remain friends? Are you still speaking at holiday dinners? Tell your horror story – get it off your chest and advise others what NOT to do! Tell Your Story
Don’t Be Too Generous
I hired a friend to help out at the office; she works in my home, and I’m home a lot, and I let her spend way too much time telling me her personal problems. I also gave her money – that was a bad mistake. She knows my business finances because she does the bookkeeping. She started taking advantage of me, asking for money, raises, benefits. I finally told her I couldn’t listen to her problems any more. She got mad; now she won’t speak to me, and she hasn’t paid me back the money she owes me. I guess I lost a friend.
—Guest Carmen
My Mother the Witch
I love my mother, but not to work with. She started “helping me” in my needlework store, and I found out how bossy she is. Although she has never run a business, and I have run several successful retail stores, she kept telling me who to hire, how to display the merchandise, etc. Every day was a battle. I finally told her I didn’t need her. She was very hurt and didn’t invite me to our family 4th of July party this summer. I learned the hard way.


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