PPC – “We are able to Link into Adwords” «

PPC – “We are able to Link into Adwords”

PPC is an interesting way to market yourself (your business) online. It is one of the most popular online marketing tools used and offer pay per click advertising. For online businesses, this is the perfect opportunity to market them in a way that is cost effective and also that is able to be evaluated in terms of the number of clicks on every advert.

Advertise.com was founded in 2001 and initially offered services as a privately help search network which later transformed and re-branded to provide holistic online advertising solutions. Adverstise.com is a highly conducive platform that connects thousands of advertisers to millions of consumers every day. Advertise.com has a comprehensive network of high traffic search and content publishers helps you achieve your strategic goals without having to pay the high fees of other networks.

Advertise.com is built on the foundation of their tremendously successful search engine, ABCSearch. This means that your PPC campaign can receive excellent exposure alongside more than 325 million searches daily. That is more than 10 billion impressions per month. Advertise.com has an optimized mix of alternative traffic channels which results in their average cost-per-click to be considerably lower than the competition. That’s why Advertise.com is the most cost-effective way to drive targeted customers and leads to your website. Advertise.com has a real-time bidding system through which you can adjust your bid amount for each keyword to obtain the results and exposure you want. You can even ensure that your website gets the number-one position in search results by setting your bid to stay 1 cent higher than the second position up to a maximum bid amount. This high relevancy leads to elevated click-through and conversion rates.

With Advertise.com, you’re linked to robust traffic monetization platforms and technology that connects you with thousands of online marketers forming a powerful and profitable online alliance. Advertise.com offers competitive revenue sharing and promises you higher returns that can be promptly paid via Check, Wire or Paypal. With Advertise.com, one of the best features is that companies can see how they are doing. Our online interface lets you monitor your account on a daily basis and see how much revenue you are earning with accurate, detailed reports that are updated on day to day basis.


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