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Pay Per Click Campaign

With channels of distribution and conducting businesses increasingly transforming from pure brick and mortar to bricks and clicks and now pure click companies – the advertising mediums also took a parallel shift from traditional marketing media to unique marketing tools like pay per click campaigns. is such an entity that has a mission to provide online marketers with easy and effective online marketing solutions including high-quality PPC traffic, cost-per-action (CPA) marketing, banner ads, and remarketing opportunities. Headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California, has more than 75 employees around the world, with a portfolio of brands including ABCSearch and the award-winning social search engine For an effective pay per click campaign, it is imperative for companies to have access to an excellent and high contact publishers which customers use and interact with on a daily basis. has been serving ads since 2001.

Today we are proud to be among the Web’s fastest-growing suppliers of cost-per-click and display advertising opportunities, serving over 10 billion monthly impressions. To deliver more quality prospects at a lower cost, partners with thousands of small and medium size publishers as well as larger network partners from across the net. Each source of traffic is monitored to ensure the highest quality and best ROI. Some of the partners search networks like Yahoo!, Google and Scour, publisher networks like Brainfox, Looksmart and direct navigation sites like Parked and Bodis.

For businesses that are new to online marketing, provides well-rounded campaign management services for your pay per click campaign starting from getting them up and running in no time to constantly monitoring your online traffic. network traffic is optimized automatically, adding or deleting traffic channels based on performance quality. Their conversion tracking system generates reports so you know exactly how your pay per click campaign is performing in real time. Further, their simple-to-use management tools let you fine-tune your pay per click campaign to maximize returns. places an unmoving focus towards customer service and each of their advertisers is matched with an experienced account manager who will work with you to achieve your desired goals. strives to provide their advertisers with the best, most responsive support network in the industry – by phone and email to help them get maximum benefits from the pay per click campaigns. With companies can easily manage their pay per click campaign costs by opting for solutions like pay for performance in which you decide how much you want to pay for each qualified prospect delivered to your website.

This allows you to customize and manage your campaign according to the values you assign to each target segment and the performance you get from each channel. This shows that you have the option for only paying for the prospects you want. With traffic scheduling system at, you can manage your pay per click campaign costs by controlling your desired daily budget, while our ClickShield fraud protection feature ensures that your costs are low and ROI is high. also allows you to geo-target your pay per click campaign across the world: down to the country, state or city of your choice.


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