Marketing Online – Men and Women Use the Internet Differently «

Marketing Online – Men and Women Use the Internet Differently

We know that when it comes to the way men and women shop; it’s different. Men waltz into a store to gather what they came for while women will take the time to browse and explore the new products that have been introduced in the isles. The same is true when it comes to the online behavior of men and women; gender stereotypes apply.

Effective marketing is about getting our products or services in front of the consumer where they will see it and be attracted to it. If we take the time to understand the way our consumers use the internet it enables us to ensure that they see it online when they are participating in their usual activities.

Take a few moments to learn how both men and women use the internet and how that information can help you in positioning your product or service and in return help you to increase your conversions. You may just find out why you are not selling any of your products or services online.



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