Make Working From Home Work «

Make Working From Home Work

Guaranteed most home business owners have had a conversation in the last 12 months where a friend or associate freaks out about how perfect it would be to work from home. “Your so LUCKY to work in your jammies!” and “Your life must be so EASY!” usually pops out of their mouth. You enthusiastically lead them to believe that it is all true (when treated like a rock star you just roll with it) and politely go on your way.

The reality is, working from home is not that easy. It takes pure will power to step over Buzz Lightyear and two weeks worth of to-be-folded laundry to make it over to the home office by 9:00am. There is no one forcing motivation and distractions abound. Don’t get me wrong, working from home has major benefits, but it is a major challenge cohabiting your work life with your real life. Read more…

What are your secrets for making home AND business work for you?

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