Japan Needs Help. But Does it Need Clever Visuals? «

Japan Needs Help. But Does it Need Clever Visuals?

Image courtesy of JChong

I’m becoming a little bit tired of the creative community right now. I understand the good intentions behind many of the posters and ad campaigns being thrown out there to raise awareness and get donations, but here’s the problem.

EVERYONE knows about the problem in Japan!

This isn’t land mines or homeless cats on the streets of Bulgaria. This was caused by an 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami! It’s on every news station all the time. We know Japan is in crisis. So, when I see ads that show the Japanese flag turning into a nuclear symbol, or a red cross, or a seismic event , all I can think is “yeah, I get it. You’re creative…kind of.”

I’m not saying these images aren’t good in their own right, although most are pretty obvious. But does Japan need all of this right now? They need something a little more direct, like maybe a down-to-earth poster that shows people HOW to help, not WHY they need help.

So, with that in mind, here is some actual information that may help you out, other than treating your eyes to something beautiful but lacking any real information. Read it, donate, and help out. You can also check out the links from this search.

Make a difference, don’t spend the whole day thinking of a visual pun for your website or a t-shirt.



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