Is Your Business Prepared for Wildfires? «

Is Your Business Prepared for Wildfires?

Living with nature is great. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, fresh air and tranquility. But, there is a heightened risk of fire in heavily forested areas. Each year, wildfires destroy homes and businesses in the “wildland-urban-interface.”

Preparation and risk management is the key to protecting your business from wildfires. To help teach homeowners and businesses how to protect their property, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), and other partners are launching a new, national loss prevention program called “Ready, Set, Go!” at

“‘Ready, Set, Go!’ promotes creation of so-called Fire Adapted Communities by providing fire departments and other public and private agencies with the tools and resources necessary to teach homeowners how to effectively prepare for and react to wildland fires. Specifically, the program urges homeowners to create their own action plan for preparing their homes and the property surrounding the house, and being able to evacuate the area when local officials give the order.”

Most insurance companies doing business in wildfire-prone areas offer premium discounts to home and business owners who take action to prepare and mitigate potential wildfire damage. Check with your insurance professional. Also, check out the “Ready, Set, Go!” website for great instructional videos and tips on how to prepare and what steps to take.



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