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Litagation Kings?
Tuesday April 19, 2011
Wired VC has recently posted a very interesting article criticizing Walker Digital, a company that has filed patent infringement suits against many giants on the digital technology scene, “In total, 15 suits have been filed against more than 100 defendants, including Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, WalMartGroupon, Apple, Sony and Google.” Wow that’s what I have to say.

Jay S Walker, the founder of Walker Digital, also the founder of, Synapse and numerous other successful companies, is the lead inventor on a majority of the company’s patents and applications, more than 400 issued and pending US and foreign patents. Wired VC points out that many of these patents fall under the category of business practices, for example reward cards. Photo: Don Farrall/Getty Images

Take a look at the full story over at Wired VC’s “Inside Troll Mountain: Walker Digital Revealed”

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Philippines Invention Competition Slated
Monday April 18, 2011

The Department of Science and Technology (Dost) in cooperation with the Technology Application and Promotion Institute is conducting a Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits (Rice) next month. The 2011 Rice competition will also be held in cooperation with various inventors organizations from the Zamboanga Peninsula. for downloadable forms such as entry form, waiver, certification and the contest rules and criteria. Photo Getty Images

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•Contest Forms
•Filipino Inventors & Filipino Scientists
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Thursday April 14, 2011
Des Moines, Iowa, inventor and philanthropist, Ray Townsend, known for inventions in the meat industry, died on April 2 2011. Townsend was ninety-seven years old.

Townsend founded Townsend Engineering in 1940. He patented more than one hundred and twenty-seven inventions, including a device that stripped skin from pork called the Townsend Model 27, and a machine that produced linked hot dogs called the Frank-a-Matic. Most of the hot dogs produced in the United States were made with a Ray Townsend machine. Ray Townsend is credited with inventing the first pork belly skinner, first conveyorized skinner, first automatic sausage linker, first low-pressure injector, first automatic trimmer with light sensor technology,and the first continuous casing system.

In 2005, Ray Townsend retired to become a philanthropist. His charity projects included the founding of the Great Ape Trust of Iowa, an education and conservation center. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Friday April 8, 2011

Move over coffeemaker, popcorn popper, microwave, breadmaster, eggbeater, and everything else on my kitchen countertop. I need room for the world’s first personal brewery. New Zealanders, Ian Williams (creator) and Anders Warn (engineer) have invented a desktop-sized brewery which promises to deliver 23 litres of good beer in seven days. The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery has six main technical features that, when combined together, created the world’s first all-in-one brewing appliance. Read the full story. Photo: Courtesy WilliamsWarn

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Sunday April 3, 2011
Top Secret Writers’ blog had interesting things to say about two energy-saving inventions that were possible stifled and never reached the marketplace. The first was Nicola Tesla’s invention of wireless energy transfer (1891) that might have brought electricity to the home without wires or utility poles. Allegedly, investor JP Morgan after learning that there was no way to monitor and charge for how much electricity a customer was using, stopped funding the project and started a smear campaign against Nicola Tesla. The second invention was the water-powered car, whose inventor Stan Meyers died a suspicious death, maybe, the writer contends even murdered by energy companies who feared a massive loss in income from a car that cost little to run. Read the full blog – American Invention Ideas Squashed By Industry. Photo of Nicola Tesla LOC

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Saturday April 2, 2011
Guinness World Records is a reference book published yearly of – you guessed it – world records that includes facts like who is the oldest, tallest, shortest, or fattest, living man or woman, and every other world record imaginable.

Photo: Winner of The Guinness World Records’ Smallest Newspaper by Cate Gillon/Getty Images.
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Thursday March 31, 2011

Did you notice today’s [March 31] Google logo? It celebrates the life of German chemist, Robert Bunsen, who invented the Bunsen burner, and was one amazing chemist. Photo: Screenshot from

•Robert Bunsen
•Who Invented Google?
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Sunday March 27, 2011

MSNBC has put together a fab list of Museums chock full of inventions. If you are traveling stateside this summer do plan on visiting these gems.

What’s cool about these places is that it makes you appreciate that these things didn’t just appear out of thin air,” says Doug Kirby, publisher of “For example, at the John Gorrie Museum in Florida, even kids immediately understand the difference the invention of air conditioning made in their lives.” Photo LOC


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