How To Stage A House For Sale «

How To Stage A House For Sale

Holding an open house sometimes require a homeowner to spend some amount to stage the home, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can invest some time and effort without spending too much and this can actually make a big difference in your home. This is the big factor why some homes sell a faster than others. by making your home less personalized and less cluttered, your home can be more appealing to potential buyers; the same way goes if you are thinking of holding an open house. Without too much words, here are some ways on how to prepare your property for an open house:

1. Go around the house – The first step in preparing a property for an open house is to know the condition of the home. This means that you need to know all the problems in your house that you need to fix before the big day. Perhaps the first thing that you will notice and that you will have to make some action is the old paint. Forget about your favorite color for now, use rich and contemporary colors. Never allow emotions to influence your decisions on which areas in your house you need to repair. Take note that this home will no longer be yours after a few weeks or months and you’re doing the repairs for the new potential buyer.

2. Renew your home – Go over to the outdated areas in your home. The kitchen cabinets are usually the ones which normally need some repairs. Of course nobody wants to do some major renovations because that would be too costly. Small repairs, and minor changes are inexpensive solutions to an outdated home and not only that, these can increase the selling potential of your property.

3. Solve the puzzle – A potential home buyer will not buy an incomplete home with loose floorboard, dog eared linoleum, wall cracks, missing staircase railings, and so on. All of these missing pieces in your home should be addressed as soon as possible not only because you want your home to sell quickly, but you want your home to be beautifully safe for potential buyers during the open house.

4. Make more space – Get rid of unnecessary things like small furniture, family photos, personal decors and accessories, and other things that don’t need to be there for the potential buyer to see during the open house. By getting rid of some stuff, you can make your home look more spacious. Moreover, you can also rearrange some furniture so that all things are in proper places. Not only that it will add to the appeal of the interior but, it can add to the give home buyers chance to imagine themselves with their stuff in your home.

5. Finishing touches – Add some decorative pieces to specific areas in your home. Adding some flower pots outside of your home can actually add to the curb appeal of your home. How about some cookies or coffee to drink in the kitchen for the open house? After all repairs, paintings, changes, and arrangement have been done, show your home that anyone can live there by adding some really nice finishing.

Before you list your home at Logan UT Homes for Sales, make sure it has been staged properly. Home staging has principles that will surely sell Cornerstone Real Estate fast.


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