How to Avoid Bankruptcy and the New Bankruptcy Laws «

How to Avoid Bankruptcy and the New Bankruptcy Laws

How to Avoid Bankruptcy and the New Bankruptcy Laws
Now, how to avoid bankruptcy? Find out how millions of others are becoming DEBT FREE while avoiding BK. Here you’ll find a brief summary of the worthwhile options on avoiding bankruptcy, saving your credit, and accomplishing financial freedom.

You already know that life after bankruptcy would be the same or worse than before filing for bankruptcy, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know on how to avoid bankruptcy altogether.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy – Your Top Choices:

1) Find a Debt Management Solution Enrolling in a solid debt management solution that is very successful can truly help you avoid bankruptcy. Although, there are only a few types. Bank sponsored programs like Debt Consolidation or Consumer Credit Counseling are no better than filing bankruptcy. Debt Negotiation or Debt Settlement should only be used to settle medical, utility, or other non banking type bills. Debt Termination or Debt Cancellation has recently become the #1 proven way to wipe out your unsecured bank loans or credit card debt.

2) Get a Debt Consolidation Loan Most American’s choose this option to avoid BK first if they are still current on existing loans, or are just about to get behind. Most of the time the option is exhausted before anyone even considers alternatives to bankruptcy.

3) Limit Borrowing and Reduce Debt This is a great option to avoid bankruptcy. Of course it’s easier said then done, and that’s most likely why you’re here.

4) Ask Friends & Family for Debt Help Borrowing at zero interest from friends or family if possible is one way to get debt help. Selling off your assets, or bartering something you have or can trade for debt relief to avoid bankruptcy is another option.

5) Get FREE Government Money While this seems to be a highly searched term on the web and sounds very patriotic, it is highly unlikely that Uncle Sam will be giving out Free Government Money that doesn’t need to be repaid, and if he were, we probably wouldn’t receive it in time to save ourselves in the moment.

6) You Can Get Out of Credit Card Debt The number one way how to avoid bankruptcy is to eliminate credit card debt and most other unsecured debt. We know it may sound easier said then done. It is now, in fact, easier to do than you could ever imagine.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy – Banks Do Not Lend Their Own Money

The truth is, banks and finance companies do not lend you any of their own, their depositor’s, or investor’s money.

Once you learn the truth, we know you will be astonished. And no matter what, you will learn how to avoid bankruptcy for the rest of your life, we’re sure that’s worth knowing.


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