Homeowners’ insurance-fire protection tips «

Homeowners’ insurance-fire protection tips

The common home hazard which is unpredictable and destructive is fire. Annually,over thousands of house gets burnt down by fire. Home fire has claimed lots of lives and destroyed properties worth over billion dollars. It has also cost most insurance companies billions on claims. How can we curb this destructive hazard to save on home insurance?

Quit Smoking

According to studies, most home fire take place in the homes of smokers. Mistakenly or carelessly smokers smoke while on bed. They often doze off and the cigarretes falls off their hands on the bed or rugs and ignite a fire.

Smoking landlords or renters stand a greater risk of getting their homes or apartments burnt than non-smokers. Therefore, it’s advisable to quit smoking.

Home appliances and electronics

Another source of fire outbreak is through electric surges. Make sure you use surge protectors for all your home appliances and electronics.


Protect your home against lightning. Lightning attack has caused fire outbreaks that razed many houses. Lightning fire starts with home appliances and electric lines. Therefore, install lightning detectors and protectors in your home.

Ads by GoogleSafety measures

Install fire alarms, gas and smoke detectors to alert you whenever there’s danger.

Purchased an approved fire extinguisher and place it strategically in your house to help you combat minor fire incident.

Make sure your gas points are properly closed and keep your children away from using the gas.

Don’t overload your electric socket points. Minimize the appliances you plug to a socket.

Make sure you switch off all appliances and electronics before leaving your home for office or vacation.

Make sure you don’t leave candles, match box or lighter carelessly where your little children will have access to them.

Make sure you blow off candle lights before going to sleep.

Instruct your children on what to do when there’s fire outbreak in the house. Inform them to rush out of the house whenever there’s fire and raise alarm for your neighbors to come to help.

These are few tips to help you prepare for fire.

Now to get your home insurance, start by getting your free quotes from several insurance providers approved for your area. To get several quotes, simply connect to a reliable home insurance quote comparison site and shop.

The process of getting the quotes is by filling and submitting a brief quote request form on a comparison site and next, you will have at least five quotes to compare and choose from.

I hop you find this piece informative and timely.


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