Harnessing Viral Real Estate Marketing with MySpace «

Harnessing Viral Real Estate Marketing with MySpace

No, viral marketing isn’t like a computer virus, but it is a marketing tactic that spreads like a virus from person to person. Catch the drift? This is powerful marketing at its best, and Web 2.0 is the hot breeding ground.

It’s also known as buzz marketing, using its smart tactics to create a huge “buzz” among social networks online. Real estate investors especially, like agents, brokers, and the like, have harnessed the power of viral marketing. It’s time for you to be in on the secret.

Take a look at this example: Imagine that you send an informational email to 100 people, and 15 people pass it on to another 100 and 15 of those do the same. What do you have pretty quickly? You’ve got hundreds of thousands of people who have received your precious information.

This is the very genius behind viral marketing. It’s about getting your message out to exponentially more people than you ever could have by conventional means. It seems sneaky, but you can basically target prospects that will then be converted to your message and begin to promote it.

When you tap into the secret power of the popularity of online games, videos, graphics, and other programs on sites like YouTube, you’ll create a great network of friends and proponents of your business.

Take advantage of this viral approach when you send out any messages, bulletins, comments and blogs into the market. My training series is comprised of 30 easy-to-follow videos that will take you step by step to your own success in real estate, chiropractic practice, network marketers and so many more. It’s time to transform your life and your business forever.

In actuality, I caution you against marketing directly on any of your profiles, as it can come across as “spammy” and will quickly turn your potential real estate prospects off. Additionally, MySpace will also delete your account, flag your email and take your IP address so you cannot participate on the network again.

On the reverse, it’s good to have a profile that will draw a massive friends list, and accomplish this in minimal time. From there, you can then market softly to the friends you’ve acquired.

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