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When you buy a real estate course, how do you know if the product you are buying is of superior quality? You see, if you’re like most people, you use price as a guide. People often assume that if something is expensive, then it is likely to be of higher quality than something that is cheaper.

Do you know why most real estate gurus charge $5000 for something that could be printed in a $100 report?

The end buyer has the illusion that what they are purchasing is of superior quality than something of lower value.

Did you know that many companies repackage the same products under different labels to give the illusion of superior quality? For instance, major beer companies also produce the local microbrews that people overpay for. Another example is that Dell computers are mostly compromised of other manufacturer’s parts that are repackaged. I saw a juice company wanted to increase profits, which they did simply by putting the same juice in a fancier bottle and then they charged twice as much.

So which juice are you buying, the expensive package or the stuff inside?

The marketing image is every business

Often when you think you are buying a higher quality and not to mention more expensive competitor, you are actually purchasing the same repackaged product. Let me tell you as someone who has spent many hours in the local library learning real estate for free, the quality of most guru’s courses are not what you pay for. In fact, the free material is typically actually more valuable.

Think about this. If you have a room full of 100 people paying $5000 to your seminar that costs about $2500 to put together, your gross profit can be half a million dollars per week. How much real estate investing do you really need to do? And the truth is that they don’t do any investing. Consequently, in real estate investing, the $10-50 books often contain better and more complete information than the vastly more expensive boot camps and seminars. The reason is simple. They are put together by investors in the real world who aren’t selling the false price-illusion paradigm.

How much is hype worth to you?

Is it worth $5000? How about $10,000? The price-quality illusion is one that has caused many to spend more than they need on the belief that paying a lot will produce superior quality results. In reality, all that has changed is your perception. You may be thinking that this free course doesn’t contain the same quality as an expensive weekend seminar. In truth, it is actually more valuable. The choice to perceive it as such is up to you.

Pricing is generally a black art and is based more on what people are prepared to pay than on the actual cost of the product. We could charge hundreds of dollars for our free course and people would actually pay for it. When price relates to manufactured goods, often the costs are related in the price. Therefore, price-quality generally makes sense. In terms of information, the difference between a $5000 course and a $10 book is typically the packaging and sales. The information being sold is really the same and you are only paying for the extra marketing materials.

What should a free real estate investing course contain?

1. How to Information

It may seem obvious that it should contain this type of information but you’d be surprised how many books on various topics, including real estate investing, tell you for instance that you need a discount without telling you how to obtain one. Motivation is a crucial part of success but you don’t pay $5000 simply to get excited about the possibilities of making money in real estate. You need to know how to actually do a deal from start to finish.

2. Realistic Expectations

Real estate has made more millionaires than all other businesses combined by over 9 times. It works to make wealth. However, many gurus almost promise that you can retire tomorrow when the truth is that there is work involved. They’re really selling the same dream as the lottery companies in fancier more expensive packaging. Hating your job is a strong motivation to get started but not enough to spend all your money on motivation. A good course should tell you just how much time, effort and detail is required to make a fantastic living for you. Unrealistic expectations are probably the number one reason that 90% of people who take an investment course will never use the information they learned.

3. Contracts

It blew my mind when I first joined the real estate investment club circles looking to find contracts. Instead, I was greeted with all kinds of newbie investors who had forked out $1000s on the seminars and they were still looking for the same information that I was. You wouldn’t build a house without the tools so how can you do a real estate deal without your tools? Make sure contracts are part of the deal.

So are you a victim of price illusion in real estate investing? What is a free real estate investing course really worth to you without $5000 of hype?


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