Free Microsoft Money Plus Trial «

Free Microsoft Money Plus Trial

You can try Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe or Home and Business for 60 days beginning when you first use the free Microsoft Money Plus trial. After 60 days, data entered into the Microsoft Money Plus trial is not lost but can only be accessed with a paid version of Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe, Premium or Home and Business.

•Links to the free Microsoft Money Plus trials are at the bottom of the page. Please read Before You Download first.
•These free Microsoft Money Plus downloads are U.S. versions. See note for international versions below.
Before You Download Free Microsoft Money Plus
You can run Money Plus with older versions of Microsoft Money. If you already have Microsoft Money installed, you can still install the free Microsoft Money Plus trial because the trial installs to a different folder than previous versions of Money. The free trial will prompt you to uninstall the previous version of Microsoft Money, but you do not have to. Microsoft recommends uninstalling your old Money version and then reinstalling it if you decide not to use Money Plus. However, problems with reinstalling Microsoft Money have been reported in the past so leave the old Microsoft Money software on your machine.
Back up your Microsoft Money data. If you use Microsoft Money, Money Plus will back up your data file and convert it for use with the upgrade. The backed up data file can still be used with your previous version of Microsoft Money, but do your own Money back up before installing the Money Plus trial.

Microsoft Money Plus data is not backwards-compatible. For example, you cannot open a data file created in Microsoft Money Plus 2008 with Microsoft Money 2007.

Microsoft Money Plus trial software may not include a user guide. If you find the Money Plus user guide is missing, you can download Microsoft Money Plus user guides.

International users must not use the U.S. trial. Data files created with Microsoft Money Plus cannot be opened with international versions of the software later on. Current Microsoft Money data files will be made unusable if opened with Microsoft Money Plus. Click the link for your country at the bottom of the Microsoft Finance Products page to see if Money Plus is available for your country.

Is Microsoft Money Too Much for You?
If you decide that Microsoft Money has too many “whistles and bells” and you would prefer to use simpler software with fewer features, download the free Money Essentials trial.
Note that Microsoft Money and Microsoft Money Plus files cannot be read by Money Essentials. If you try Money Essentials and later want to switch to Microsoft Money Plus you will need to recreate your data file manually in Money Plus.

Microsoft Money Plus Free Downloads, Features and Prices
Free Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe Trial
Free Microsoft Money Plus Home and Business Trial


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