Factors that change the price of your car insurance quote. «

Factors that change the price of your car insurance quote.

When looking for a good car insurance quote that combines the coverage you need with a good, affordable cost there are many factors that will culminate in the price of your car insurance quote. Principally this will include the area you live in, if you live in a desolate area of the country with very few cars on the road and virtually no theft or vandalism then your premium should be considerably lower than if you were to live in the middle of a city with a very high accident rate, crime rate and vandalism rate.

All about you.

Your age and sex will also play a big part in determining the end price of your car insurance quote. Young male drivers are a higher risk category of people when compared to mature ladies and even women of the same age. For this reason young male drivers are the group of people that will be faced with the highest car insurance quote.

About your car.

The type of car or vehicle you are driving is also taken into consideration; sports cars, cabriolets and generally more desirable cars will have a higher car insurance quote because they are both more likely to be stolen and, in the case of sports and high performance cars, involved in a greater number of accidents.

Your history.

Your car insurance quote will be dependant on your previous driving and insurance history. If you have regularly claimed on your insurance or if you have numerous speeding tickets then you will be penalised for this and your car insurance quote will be higher than somebody with a clean driving license and few previous claims.

Wouldn’t change a thing.

As you can see there is little you can do about most of these problems. You certainly aren’t likely to consider moving in order to save a couple of hundred dollars on your car insurance quote and similarly you aren’t able to change your age or sex. The only one you could possibly do something about is the car you drive, but do you really want to change your car just to get a cheaper car insurance quote?

What you can do to get a cheap car insurance quote.

The only feasible steps you can take to ensure you get a cheap car insurance quote for your circumstances is to shop around. Get as many quotes as you can and make sure they all have exactly what you want. If necessary ring a couple of them back to tell them they aren’t the cheapest just to see if they can do anything to either improve their price or give you another value added service like free roadside recovery.


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