Enter Multiple Currencies in Microsoft Money «

Enter Multiple Currencies in Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money can convert transactions into another currency and will hold more than one currency in a single account. For example, if you live in Canada and make purchases in the United States, you can convert the cost of the purchase into U.S. dollars and commingle those transactions with those made with Canadian currency.
Microsoft Money Advanced Register
You must be viewing the account you want to use in the Advanced Register in Microsoft Money to perform this task. Look for the Essential Register or Advanced Register label in the upper-right corner of the account register you want to use. If you are not set to the Advanced Register, read Switch Between Essential and Advanced Registers in Microsoft Money.
Find Your Microsoft Money Account
•If you are not in the Microsoft Money Account List, click on the Banking tab, then Account List.

•Click on the name of the account you want to use.
Enter the Transaction into Microsoft Money
Enter a transaction one of two ways:

1.Double click on the next blank line in the register, which opens the transaction data window. Enter the payee and date.

2.Click New on the bottom left to open the transaction data window, and then enter the payee and date.

Microsoft Money Currency Converter
•In the Amount box, enter the amount spent or received in the foreign currency (not in your home currency).

•Right-click the Amount box, then click on Currency Converter to open the Currency Converter window.

•The Currency Converter will show the currency selection options in the second box next to Transaction currency. Select the currency you’re converting from.

•To view the current exchange rate, note the white box with ‘Display exchange rate as’ options. Your options are to display the exchange rate as home currency per foreign currency, or as foreign currency per home currency. Make you choice and you will see the exchange rate in the Exchange rate box.

•In the Exchange rate box, you can use the current exchange rate as displayed or enter the exchange rate used at the time you made the purchase or exchanged money.

•Click OK, and then click Enter.


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