Do Your Bit For The Environment – Conserve Electricity And Save Energy «

Do Your Bit For The Environment – Conserve Electricity And Save Energy

Do Your Bit For The Environment – Conserve Electricity And Save Energy

Technological progress has resulted in the development of various gadgets that have made it possible for us to make use of a number of conveniences.  However, there has been a price to pay as electricity consumption has gone through the roof.  In fact,  thanks to a steadily rising population,  the question of how to conserve electricity and save energy has become a matter of some urgency.  Prompt action will also have far reaching results for generations to come.

Every individual can make a difference and save electricity simply by modifying a few practices in his or her daily routine.  For instance, switching off lights and fans when not in use is a simple way to conserve electricity and save energy in the process.  And speaking of lights and fans, you can make changes to the way you use them as well.

Replace your regular 40 watt bulbs with CFL bulbs and you will get so much more value for money while you save electricity.  Take care to see that your bulbs are free of dust, which will only dim the brilliance of the illumination you get from them.  You can also save energy by using mercury vapor lamps instead of sodium vapor lamps, which are not so energy efficient. Another way to save energy is by replacing 75 watt fans with those that run on 50 watts.

You can also tap in to nature and make the sun work for you.  Ensure that your home is well ventilated and let both air and sunlight in as often as you can – yet another simple way to save electricity, and thereby save energy as well.  Using air conditioners economically would also go a long way to conserve electricity.

In these modern times, we have a number of conveniences at our disposal that we have come to take for granted.  Among them are elevators and escalators. However, you could do yourself and the environment a good turn – save energy and conserve electricity by taking the stairs instead.

Remember the importance of the sun?  There are other ways in which it could work for you. Avoid using dryers for your clothes and dry them in the sun instead – another simple way to save energy!  And speaking of energy, don’t forget that you can conserve electricity by making use of solar energy to run various kinds of equipment as well.

Making lifestyle changes such as watching less television would also go a long way to protect the environment and save electricity – protect your eyes and save energy, in the bargain.  When it comes to switching off the television, do remember to turn off the power instead of simply turning your set off with the remote.  Cutting down on TV time could be a wake-up call for you to get moving – do your health a world of good, while you conserve electricity!

You can do still more to save electricity in the way you run your kitchen. Save energy by making use of pressure cookers, as well as ovens and stoves that run on gas rather than electricity. You do need your fridge, but you can conserve electricity by opening it only as often as you need to, and ensuring that your freezer is defrosted on a regular basis.

You may need the convenience of your geyser but you can save energy even there, by ensuring that everyone in the family has their baths within a short period of time. That way, you can also conserve electricity since you will not need to keep it on for too long.

And finally, another very simple step you can take to benefit the environment, conserve energy and improve your own health is to do as much as you can in the daytime.  This will automatically reduce the amount of electricity you use at night.  So do yourself a favor and turn in early – conserve electricity and give yourself a boost as well!!

All of this goes to show that simple lifestyle changes can go a long way to save energy.  Better still, the benefits of such measures will be plainly visible in the quality of the atmosphere around us and the ultimate impact on nature as a whole.

Save electricity! This is a slogan which is much talked about these days. Are we really serious about it? Are we sincerely doing anything towards conserving electricity?

Even small but conscious efforts on the different measures of electricity conservation can make a great deal of difference.  Let us do our bit! Know the benefits and various ways of conserving energy by following the link.

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