Considering a career in accounting? «

Considering a career in accounting?

According to those not involved in the world of accountancy, the image of anyone working in accounting and tax services is apparently in dire need of an update. However, a bit of investigation will soon reveal that it’s not all huge ledgers filled with miniscule numbers and immense rooms staffed with carbon copy middle aged men in grey suits. It actually has the potential to let those who are willing to work at it enjoy a career that’s a lot more exciting and lucrative than you may realise.

Your hard work will pay off…eventually!

Whether you’re a graduate who’s looking for a change or someone who never attended university but wants a challenge in their work, as long as you have a decent understanding of maths you could be the kind of person that accountancy needs. Many people enter the job after completing a degree in maths but there’s also the option to study directly with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It’s far from an easy path, though; it’s a constant parade of work, both theoretical and practical, as well as plenty of exams to sit.

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For many firms in the UK, accountant training is something that’s done onsite while you work for a company. Often you’ll find that they’ll be willing to pay for your training with the caveat that you will stay with the company following your qualification for a set amount of time. However, once you have fought your way through your studies and have been declared a fully qualified chartered accountant, you’ll soon find that your services will be in high demand.

What can you end up doing?

There are normally two routes to employment in accounting and tax services, the first being to be part of a department working for a single company, focusing on their everyday financial comings and goings. The second option is to act as part of an accountancy firm, working with a wide range of companies who come to you seeking your group’s services. Whatever area you end up a part of, you can be sure that every day will be different and present plenty of challenges.

You will want to be well rewarded for all this hard work and you may be surprised to discover quite how well paid a UK accountant can be – it might even be worth having a chat to an accountancy company to see what advice they can offer. It’s no longer just about acting as a number cruncher; you could end up as a business analyst or member of senior management which can often pull in a salary of £250,000 a year or more. Of course that’s a way down the line, but the potential is there for anyone who wants to enter this field to achieve high levels of success.


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