Choosing Financial Software for Others «

Choosing Financial Software for Others

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Financial software can be a great gift idea, but no single personal finance software package works well for everyone. Read these tips for finding the best personal finance software gift ideas.
Narrow Down the Choices
Buy a personal finance software package based on the current lifestyle and needs of the person receiving the gift. Look over these tips for choosing personal finance software to determine what features are required.

The Best Personal Finance Software of the Year
Don’t have time to do much research? Choose one of the best in personal finance software from the past year.

How to Wrap a Software Download
You can find some personal finance software in a box or CD case, like You Need A Budget or Quicken, but most financial software is downloaded from the Internet. Don’t let the download stop you: get the scoop on how to gift wrap personal finance software downloads.

Do-It-Yourself Financial Planning Software
Personal financial planning software is a great gift idea for anyone who has a few assets and needs to plan for the future. Personal financial planning software fits especially well for gifts for weddings, graduation and retirement, and for year-end holiday giving when the recipient is planning to get their finances organized in the new year.

Focused Budgeting Software
Did you know you software exists that is specialized just for personal budgeting and nothing more? Find out which personal budgeting software is the best and who would benefit from it.

Best Software for Stock Market Mavens
Do you need a gift for someone who is interested in investing or trading stock and other financial securities? A couple of these stock analysis software choices for non-professional investors would work very well as a gift.


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