Charlie Sheen and 3 Key Lessons You Can Learn form His PR Debacle «

Charlie Sheen and 3 Key Lessons You Can Learn form His PR Debacle

Are you tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen? Last week I attended a conference and I will tell you that the name “Charlie Sheen” was mentioned way too many times, to the point the jokes got old, but we must acknowledge he has the buzz going.

There was even an online virus (malware) that was spread through Facebook using the hook that Charlie Sheen had been found dead in his home. Obviously this was a hoax, but it got people to click. When users would click the link it would take them to a fake You-Tube clone page and if you clicked on any link on that page the virus was spread throughout your Facebook friends.

What can we learn from Charlie Sheen when it comes to public relations? I mean after all what company wouldn’t love the buzz that he is receiving.

As Guy explains in his recent article when professional athletes, politicians or rock stars self-destruct, people naturally pay attention to the celebrity train wreck.

Charlie Sheen’s fiery wreckage certainly has caught our attention. He did things different — he didn’t go into hiding or rehab. He took control of his own publicity and media appearance. He created internet memes at will. But he didn’t have a plan, or a purpose, and heavy exposure has quickly turned into overexposure and media fatigue.

Learn from Charlie Sheen’s mistakes when it comes to PR and perhaps you might just walk away with some ideas that will create your own buzz: 3 Key Lessons from the Charlie Sheen PR Debacle


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