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CES Best New Gadgets for Home Business

Unless you literally live under a rock or are my mother-in-law, you know that the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just concluded in Las Vegas Nevada. As usual, it was a star-studded event and did not disappoint goo-goo-eyed-gadget-geeks.

Laptop Magazine’s Best of CES 2011 article did a nice job surmising that the big story of the show was no longer that bigger is better, but rather mobility is king. Here are a few highlights of their product selections I think are perfect for the on-the-go home business owner:

•Best Ultraportable Laptop: Samsung 9 Series: Running a business out of your home requires mobility. If you are anything like me, my laptop takes a beating. Samsung’s new 9 series offers new super durable, aircraft-grade Duralumin (I have no idea what this even is, but it sounds tough) and it only weighs 2.9-pounds. It is so fast it boots Windows 7 in 20 seconds flat and you get 6.5 hours of battery life, which is perfect for business owners who work all over the place.

•Best Accessory: Plantronics Voyager Pro UC Version 2: The Plantronic Voyager wireless headset is almost akin to hiring an executive assistant. Sure you can drive your car and talk without using your hands, but the Voyager is smart enough to route calls, sync with Outlook, speak to you about your incoming emails and automatically change your Skype status if your on a call. And…your hired!
•Best Car Tech: Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver: I know that working from home with kids often has me running my business out of another office – my car. With the Parrot Asteroid I really can have a home office out my car. It is an in-car receiver with multiple USB ports for connecting GPS, a modem or even your music collection via an external hard drive. It even has voice recognition that will allow you to search your music with just your voice. I may just start begging my family to let me drive them around — I’ll finally get some work done!


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