Burger King and CP&B Go Their Separate Ways «

Burger King and CP&B Go Their Separate Ways

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Ad Age has reported today that the seven year relationship between Burger King and Crispin, Porter & Bogusky is over. The account is worth over $300 million, and it’s clearly a big hit for CP&B. Said the companies in a joint statement:

“In the wake of a marketing shakeup and new ownership at Burger King, the fast-food chain and its lead creative shop, MDC Partners’ CP&B, are splitting up. Said the companies in a joint statement: “Burger King Corp. and Crispin Porter & Bogusky have enjoyed a tremendously successful relationship over the past seven and a half years. During that time, our creative partnership resulted in countless innovative and engaging campaigns for the BK brand. We are incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished together, but have mutually decided that now is the right time to part ways. We are fans of each others’ work and wish each other much success in the future.”

So, What Does This Really Mean?
The first place people will naturally go to, when they speculate around the water cooler, is the exit of Alex Bogusky last year. But that’s clearly not the issue here. Bogusky was less involved with the agency in the year before his departure, and his current stance on consumerism is clearly not in the best interests of a global giant like Burger King anyway.

This seems to be the usual case of new management, new rules, and a new starting lineup. It’s typical that when a company has a shake up, it will look at every aspect of its marketing and advertising. New management always wants to stamp its own authority on the future of the company, and CP&B represents the ways things were done. NOT, how they will be done.

It’s a shame to see CP&B kicked to the curb, they did some groundbreaking work for Burger King. But this is the nature of the beast. Something tells me “Have It Your Way” will be making a comeback pretty soon. Less creative, more in your face, and the aim of more burgers sold.



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