Are You Ready for an Unexpected Career Change? «

Are You Ready for an Unexpected Career Change?

This recession has sent unemployment to new heights and that means more people are out of work. For some, that means doing whatever it takes to just find another job to help pay the bills. For others it means using this as an opportunity to change careers. If you’re someone who has dreamed of changing careers but never had the ability to just quit your job and start fresh and now find yourself unemployed this presents a unique opportunity. Since you’re already out of work you can now pursue that new career.

But, there’s a catch. If it’s in a different field than what you worked in before it isn’t as easy as drawing up a resume and applying for jobs. It takes careful planning and may actually require a little more work than you anticipate. A career change isn’t for everyone, so there are some important questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not to change careers.


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