Antalya Brings the Start of a New Concept in Golf Real Estate «

Antalya Brings the Start of a New Concept in Golf Real Estate

Turkey has always been known to be diverse in climate, lifestyle, culture and history. The Meditterranean coast, particularly the Antalya region is plentiful in this array of diversity.However no other region along the Mediterranean coast offers as much diversity in real estate than Antalya itself. Many other regions are restricted to architectural design and concept; such as Bodrum. In Bodrum you have the hilltops overlooking the sea with the similar style of architecture in all residential builds. This is not so in Antalya. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste as well as budget. From magnificent sea and mountain views to lush green pine forest views to snow covered hilltops; from small private bays to the massive Gulf of Antalya; from the Greek Islands to Marina views; and from large city skylines to small village views. However, let’s also not forget a long line of seaside First Class Championship Golf course views. In recent imes, an interest in the game has proven well with a 17 per cent increase in rounds played in 2009, according to a survey by business consultancy KPMG. Compared to that of other popular European golfing areas such as Spain, Turkey provides low-cost golf package holidays and fees, thereby drawing the interest of golf enthusiasts from around the globe. Accordign to an article from the Financial Times, Antalya is already a busy golfing destination; there are 17 courses on a 15km strip of coastal land � making it the densest golf course �cluster� in the Mediterranean. Having seen this potential in golf real estate, are two major golf investment projects within the Belek region in the works. The up and coming Belek Golf Club; as well as the Olivion Complex; which is still in the planning stages, but expected to surface by the end of the year. Both projects have one major feature in common that no other Belek Golf project has provided until now. Investors will be able to purchase real estate on a golf course. Where will these two projects be located? The Belek Golf Club will be situated in Belek, Antalya; and the Olivion Complex will be developed in an emerging part of Antalya, in an area called Karadayi. To be continued…


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