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With the advent of ecommerce, online businesses are becoming as competitive as brick-n-mortar companies. Consumers are increasingly adopting the online model due to the convenience and time-saving opportunity it offers. Hence, online advertising has become an indispensable marketing tool. Online marketing has its own unique tools and dynamics. Many firms have sprung up that specialize solely in online marketing and employ tools such as search engine optimization, advertising banners, pop-ups etc. is a unique online marketing company that allows companies to boost their online marketing effectiveness through search and display Marketing campaigns. We are headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California, and have more than 75 employees around the world, with a portfolio of brands including ABCSearch and the award-winning social search engine We help companies achieve their strategic goals through their network of high traffic search and content publishers at a fee much lower to that of other networks. This allows advertisers the ability to reach a wider audience through various means e.g. advertising banners.

Founded in 2001 as privately held pay-per-click (PPC) search network, the company was re-branded in April 2009 as, Inc. has become a leader in online advertising due to its superior methods and expertise. It connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day. now delivers over 10 billion ad impressions each month. The company mission is to provide online marketers with convenient and effective online marketing solutions including high-quality PPC traffic, advertising banners ads, and remarketing opportunities.

As effective as online marketing is, it does not come without its share of problems. Online buyers continue to remain skeptical about the safety of the transactions, their personal information privacy etc. Hacking, spam and fraudulent transactions are problems advertisers continue to face everyday. Luckily, uses patented fraud protection software called ClickShield to cater to these issues and prevent any mishandling/misuse of information.

Performance marketing is an online marketing term that means consumers pay only when someone clicks on their advertisement, e.g. advertising banners. has come up with a more cost-efficient model. aggregates and monitors exclusive channels of quality traffic that is outside what other ad networks provide. This means companies are able to secure prime exposure which guarantees good results, without competing against the crowd that is forced into paying sky-high prices. also offers advertisers other benefits such as alternative traffic channels that deliver lower costs per click and unique network transparency for easy optimization. It also allows advertisers geo-targeting for national and local campaigns. This means demographically segmenting consumers into groups and then targeting the ones most relevant to a product.

This is especially helpful for niche products, e.g. through advertising banners. To top it all, the management of this entire system is fast and easy. It does not require hiring an extensive marketing team, but a few qualified marketers with technical know-how are enough to run the system offered by


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