A Marketer’s Take on Google +1 «

A Marketer’s Take on Google +1

The moment you think you have it down and you have mastered the lingo and workings of social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn another social aspect of marketing is introduced.

Yesterday it was the Google social networking tool +1. Yes, it’s one more thing you need to learn.

The +1 feature will appear next to search results in Google and allows you to share with your friends your recommendation. Google states that this will allow them to continue to personalize search results, showing you the things they think you want to see rather than making you sort through search results that don’t relate to you. This means you will get recommendations that are relevant, because they come from people that you know.

Easily put, Google says that clicking on the +1 is the digital shorthand of saying “this is pretty cool.” As more people begin to click on the +1 on a webpage or an advertisement they will start to appear in the search results. However, don’t worry if you change your mind there is an “undo” button.

How do they know who your friends are? Google uses signals to identify the most useful recommendations for you. This is done by tying you together with your Google contacts and chat buddies. Eventually they may consider tying it to who you are connected to on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Do you feel like big brother is watching you now?

Want to see who Google views in your social circle? You can view this under Social Circle and Content section of your Google Dashboard. In my social circle they have my domain, my Facebook account, LinkedIn account and my Twitter account. It’s no secret to Google on where I’m connected.

What does this mean for marketers?

We all have to wonder and be curious as to how Google will use this data in the future. Will it give your web presence more significance if you have a high number of “+1.” This will remain to be seen, speculation says it could in fact happen and affect your quality score with Google. The way I look at +1 is it’s like digital word-of-mouth marketing, if more consumers give a recommendation for you using this new social networking tool, obviously your sales have the chance of increasing as a benefit. Who doesn’t want that?

What are your thoughts? Will you +1?


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