7 Top Tips For Buying A Property «

7 Top Tips For Buying A Property

1. Check the neighbouring properties: Is there a pub nearby? Closing time and sunny weekends may be noisy, busy and a general disturbance to your peace. It might not be just revellers or drinkers being rowdy on a Saturday night, but general noise such as the pub door banging shut, the delivery vans and the hubbub of a pub garden.

2. Check the road at rush hour and school-run time. Is it near traffic-lights? Will it effect your school-run or journey to work? How noisy is it? How safe is it for the children? Are there pavements?

3. Are there railway lines or tube lines nearby? Open tube lines can smell and railway lines can be noisy throughout the day and night.

4. Is it near a telephone mast? Telephone masts and possible related health scares are often in the news. Even if they are not a health-risk they are unpopular with residents and therefore whether or not you are concerned about them they could devalue a home if others are.

5. Is it near a school? Schools can be a blessing for some but a nuisance for others. Increased traffic, waiting parents and increased litter can be a bore especially if you are at home during the day.

6. What are the neighbours like? Knock on a few doors and ask about the neighbourhood. Do they like living there? Not only will you gather more information about the neighbourhood but also check on whether you will get along with them.

7. Return to your property at different times of the day and night on a number of days to check what is going on in the neighbourhood. Hopefully it will suit you but there is a small chance that you might discover something that you simply don’t want.

Always remember when buying property it’s the house AND the location that you need to consider for yourself and for resale.


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