7 Tips for Better Business Cards «

7 Tips for Better Business Cards

Your business card can be your most powerful advertising and marketing tool. Get your card into the hands of people who can do business with you and profit is sure to follow.

The little card is often taken for granted and not given the thought it deserves. Since it plays such a big role in the impression you make, both it, and you, should not make mistakes.
Just look at that big pile of cards you have collected over the years and you will see a bunch that “just don’t get it”. They stand out like a parking ding in a new Cadillac.
Consider these 7 points before you order more cards.

Put YOU in the Middle
Your name is the most important part of the card put it in the middle and big enough to see without granny glasses.

Forget the Beeper Number
One phone number and one eMail is enough. Be sure to put your website on the card, too. Some cards work great without a street address. Do you need it on your card? Why?

Use Both Sides
The back of the card can be used to reinforce your selling proposition. Think of your card as a little newspaper ad. Use both sides.

Stick with White
White, glossy, shiny cards say “Business”. Pastels and swirls say “Avon Lady”.

Never Leave Home Without One
Always carry a supply of cards. You never know. Keep them handy in a ready pocket, not tucked away at the bottom of a bag. You should be able to present one with a flourish on demand. Keep a backup stack in the car.

Present It with A FLAIR
Practice offering your card with BOTH hands. It makes a BIG impact. You goal is to get people to remember you and save your card. Do that by using both hands.

Throw ‘em Away When ANYTHING Changes
If one itty bitty snippet of information on your card changes, the cards are obsolete and should be pitched and new ones printed, pronto.

Get some new cards and don’t scrimp on anything. A few more bucks can make a lot more down the line.


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